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Cate Harrington

Kinky little brat Cate Harrington dresses up in a PVC schoolgirl outfit, she loves to roleplay and tease all them older guys. She knows how to act all cute and innocent, but if she doesnt get what she wants she can be a right little brat ! She just loves it when you spoil her, and if your lucky you might just get something in return !

Katie K

Katie K is a girl who likes to be treated like a princess, and showered with expensive gifts ! She likes it when guys take care of her, but if they dont show her the affection she craves then she can have a right bratty fit ! She knows how to play the brat card, stomping her feet and screaming like the spoilt brat she is, best you treat her nice !

Jessica Lloyd

As the t-shirt says, Jessica certainly isn't the girl next door, you should be that lucky ! She is the biatche down the road, one who knows how to cock tease all the guys, as well as being quite partial to the girls too ! She knows exactly what she wants and will definitely let you all know ! This teen brat as a way of getting all that she desires !

Megan Coxxx

Megan Coxxx loves to play with older guys, she loves that they know how to treat a girl. She flutters her eyelids at them and they come running, credit cards in hand ! She teases them with her hot little body, and can get them to do what ever she wants ! This little brat loves the power she has over men, and knows they will fight to spoil her.

Sofia Cortez

This Latina brat uses her charms to get what she wants, and if that doesn't work then a bratty tantrum usually does ! Sofia Cortez has the fittest body, with pert tits, a firm rounded Latina ass, and the most amazing kissable lips... which also come in handy for other tasks too. This teen brat will melt you heart, and take your wallet in one go !

Natalia Forrest

If you love Asian girls then you will absolutely love our Asian brat Natalia Forrest, this Filipino hottie loves to show off her body, she knows when guys see her they will do anything she wants. This brat loves to tease guys and then leave them hanging, but just occasionally one guy gets really really lucky ! You might be that guy !

Sasha Cane

Teen brat Sasha Cane mixes her beauty, with her fit body and her bratty personality to get what ever she wants, when ever she wants it. And Sasha as expensive taste, so guys if you want to impress this brat you best get the platinum card out. A girl who can be cute when she wants to, sexy when she wants to, and a right spoilt brat when she wants to !

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