Chloe Lovette

Spoilt Brat Chloe Lovette loves to dominate men, she loves to have power over men and get what ever she desires from them ! Chloe knows how to use her body to get anything she wants, guys just love to be under her spell ! But there's always room for more slaves to serve this brat, do you reckon you could be her new slave ?

Lacey Little

Lacey Little is the real young cute innocent teen girl next door, it looks as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth ! But trust us when we tell you that if she doesn't get her way, she can be as bit a spoilt brat as any of the girls ! This girl can have a bratty tantrum, but give her what she wants and you will be very pleased with how she pays you back !

Stacey Lacey

Stacey Lacey can be a real spoilt brat, she really does have tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, when we asked her why she was such a brat, she said it was two reasons, one cause if got her what she wanted, and secondly it meant she then got loads of hard rough sex afterwards as a make up. A real dirty little brat slut !

Jessica Cute

Big boobed brat Jessica Cute loves to tease men, she loves the power knowing that they are powerless to resist her charms. She loves to cock tease a guy till the point where they cant say no to her. This brat knows she can always get what she wants, any guy would kill to get hold of her body, and play with them amazing tits of her's !

Britney Braces

This pigtailed and braces teen loves being a brat, Britney Braces knows that guys love what they cant have ! And she tell's us they can have her, but it's going to cost them a lot of money ! This brat with perfect boobs and the cutest looks, knows how to twist a guy around her finger, but it's not all bad she also likes to reward guys who spoil her !

Hannah Shaw

Another Asian brat, this nerd loving brat loves to tease guys... especially the nerdy ones. Nerds have money too she beamed, and I know they just want to make me happy by treating me. So if you wear big rimmed glasses and have pencils in your pocket then you might just be in with a chance of getting this teen brat to rock your world !

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